Sherlock the Monk and Chuck Duck Funny Animal Comics Scans

If you want to learn how to draw a monkey,
or just how to draw FUNNY,
you can't do much better than to soak up
the cartoon craziness of these great pages
from Fawcett's Funny Animals #55 from 1947.

Click on the pictures below
to see BIG Hi-Res scan of each comic book page

Click on the pictures below
to see a BIG Hi-Resolution scan
of each comic book page

Click on the pictures below
to see a BIG Hi-Resolution scan
of each comic book page

Look at that great kick in the penultimate panel!

BOOT! ...The END!

According to an interview in the Fawcett Companion, Sherlock the Monk and Chuck was one of many Fawcett Funny Animal features created by Chad Grothkopf. I don't know whether this particular story was done by him or not. Looks like Milton Stein to me, but I hope that better eyes than mine will set me straight.

UPDATE/Correction -- Super-Comics-Spotter Charlie J just showed me a couple posts on the ASIFA Cartoon Archive that convince me that Jim Tyer is the master cartoonist behind these pages. Take a look at these funny animal comics at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive and see what you think...

CLICK on the images below to jump over
to the ARCHIVE and see the comics pages!

Jim Tyer

Jim Tyer comics

Yep, I think Charlie J nailed it.
So, it looks like the amazing Jim Tyer
strikes again!
Thanks, Charlie!

There are quite a few fantastic stories in this comic book; If you want to see more, please leave a comment below and let me know -- In the meantime, enjoy!

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Charlie said...

hey Sherm,
This is great! My favorite kind of cartooning!
I know this sounds crazy, but i think that may be Jim Tyer. It looks alot like the stuff he did in the 40s for funny animal publications.

by the way, I had lunch with Tom Kenny a few weeks ago, and he told me you frequent house of secrets. Did you get your super rabbit there?

Charlie said...


Sherm said...

Hey, Charlie -- good to hear from you again! I looked at those comics you linked to, and it looks like you're right on the money. I went back to the post and put in some Jim Tyer comics links and images, too.

Thanks a lot, man! Talk to you later...


Sherm said...

Hey, Charlie -- I'm usually at House of Secrets every Wednesday like clockwork; either at the lunch hour or after work. But as for the Super Rabbit comic, I found that in a REALLY old used book shop in Dayton Ohio. Someday I'll tell the whole story in a blog post. Stay tuned! --Sherm

PS: Tell Tom K I said "howdy!"

Julián Höek said...

hi sherm! awesome post! those are really funny animals. it's true it looks like tyer's comics.
see ya!!

sdestefano said...

nice post, Sherm. I love Fawcett's Funny Animal comics!

Sherm said...

Hi, Julian...looks like another vote for Tyer...I'm convinced! Thanks for stopping by ^_^ ---Sherm

Stephen: I've only had the good fortune to raed a few Fawcett funnybooks, but they ARE gold, aren't they? Good news is that every day somebody is scanning their old comics and uploading them to the web. It ain't paper, but it's about a billion times better than never reading them at all.

Glad you stopped by ^_^ ---Sherm

Anonymous said...

don't you have Billy the kid and oscar Scans?

Joseph DR said...

This is a great post. Thanks for sharing these high res scans with us. I love these comics. I wonder if they're available in reprints?