RARE Old Cartoon Music Downloads - Popeye, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Quick-Draw McGraw and Huckleberry Hound and LOTS more!

Way Out Junk: Popeye the Sailor Man and His Friends

Wow! I just discovered another cool blog with TONS of oddball, long-out-of-print music downloads, and the first thing I see is this crazy Popeye record! Click on the record cover to get to the download page!

These records are like radio cartoons; Full cast and original soundtrack music and storylines created just for these records. Remember those? It's like animation for the blind.

He's also got this Rocky and Friends LP to download, and many more like Quick Draw McGraw and Huckleberry Hound!

When you check out this website, look around cause there's a lot of unusual tunes to add to your collection of eclectica. Oh, I'm tellin' ya --
DIG through the archives on this site because there is WAY too much stuff to hint at here!

Go see for yourself!

Click on the records to find the goodies!

Thanks Tony!

Each one of these records will take you to a different blog post on the "Way Out Junk" blog.

If there's more than one download link on the page, I recommend clicking on the second link of the set. When I tried to download these, sometimes one of the links was dead. But there was always an alternate link that did the job.

Get these while they last!

By the way, these are for the most part original cast members like June Foray, Bill Scott and Paul Frees (Rocky and Friends), Jack Mercer and Mae Questel (Popeye and Olive Oyl) doing the songs and stories on these records. This is primo stuff!

PS: There's even more of this kind vinyl cartoon rarities at WFMU and at a wonderful site about old kids' records called Kiddie Records. Isn't the internet great?


SoundStageDirect said...

I happen to have several of the albums pictured and I love collecting children's records. But, there is one big problem, if kids owned them, chances are they were not taken care of properly. But, I happened to find one particular household that cherished their vinyl and found a slew of great children's vinyl. Thanks for the post, and yes, the Internet is a great thing (do we really thank Al Gore?) :)


Sherm said...

Hi, Robert...your Squidoo page on vinyl collecting (
is one of the most well-built lenses I've ever seen...nice work! Makes me want to make a Squidoo lens about cartooning and comics!

What I really love about the internet is how we all now have an outlet for our myriad obsessions, and the ability to reach anybody else who's interested. I didn't even know there was such a big kids'record-collecting community until this week!

Thanks for stopping by to chat...


Tony said...

Hi Sherm!

I'm Tony from Way Out Junk. Thanks for the shout-out here! I'm happy you're enjoying the stuff I've got on there. I love doing it too. By the way, if you do find some dead links on the site, please let me know so I can either fix or delete them.

Robert: You've identified the biggest problem I have with these records: the fact that they can be pretty beat up. I clean them up (both physically and digitally) as best I can, but sometimes I just have to pass on recording some of them because they're just too messed up.

Thanks again, guys!

Way Out Junk

SoundStageDirect said...

Hi Sherman,

Thank you so much for the compliment about my squiddo page, a lot of work went into it and hey, it is a great place to get whatever your passion is noticed. Stop by and sign up, it is all free and very easy to set up :)


tina kugler said...

hi sherm! (how are you?) thanks for posting this, it's fantastic- i collect old kiddie 78s- hooray for ukulele ike! say hi to everyone for us!