Ape Escapes! Museum Mayhem! More Super Rabbit Comic Book Scans

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Here are some MORE old-timey funny-animal comics from
Super Rabbit Vol.1 Number 3 published by Comedy Publications, Inc.

(If you missed the previous Super Rabbit story, you can find it HERE.)

Click on any of the comic book pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

What does 300dpi look like? Well, when you click on the story pages below, you'll get to see them with detail like this...

This story starts off with two pages of pure cartoony silliness, then shifts gears a bit when Super Rabbit investigates some robberies at the museum.

Museums are among the best settings for any cartoon story, dontcha think?
There's always a mummy or a knight or a catapult nearby when you need one! we go! Enjoy this latest installment of Super Rabbit!

Click comic book pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

Click comic book pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

If you missed the last Super Rabbit story, you can find it HERE.
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Bob Flynn said...

I'm biased by my love of cartoonyness...but there are some great drawings. REALLY smart, weird, funny drawings. Thanks for sharing.

Chuck Wells said...

Biased by the love of "cartoonyness" is the best way to live one's life, Bob old buddy.

Thanks for posting the Fago stuff, Sherm! I never get tired of seeing stuff like this.

Sherm said...

Hi Bob and Chuck...glad you guys enjoyed this! Somehow between the funny animals and superheroics and old-timey off-register color and the fantasic drawing, this one comic book sums up everything I love about comics!

Daniel [] said...

A nice piece.

It might be noted en passant that the reference to “a priceless pound of butter” was in the context of war-time rationing of butter.