Freaky Obscure Jack Kirby Comics from 1957

Jack Kirby draw the Fourth Dimension in Harvey Comics Alarming Tales comic book issue#1

Well, this story was a pleasant discovery...some really top-notch freaky pre-Marvel sci-fi/horror comic book pages from the King of comics, Jack Kirby.

scan of comic book cover Alarming Tales #1 1957 drawn by Jack Kirby

This is from Alarming Tales #1, September 1957

Published by Western Tales, Inc. and Harvey Features Syndicate.
This comic book story is one of five tales in this all-Kirby extravaganza. If you get a chance to lay your paws on this comic book, get it! It's a winner through and through!

As usual, CLICK on any one of the pages below to see a large-size kooky Kirby comics page.

Kirby comics scans The Fourth Dimension is a Many Splattered Thing!

It looks like Kirby spent some time inside Steve Ditko's fevered imagination before drawing this story! Clearly, Jack Kirby knew how to draw those kind of extra-dimensional landscapes many years before Steve Ditko drew them in Marvel Comics' Strange Tales with Dr. Strange.

Scientists from the 1950's plunge through a wall into the Fourth Dimension

This 1957 comic book story was drawn just a few years after Richard Matheson wrote the short story "Little Girl Lost," but it was five more years before this imagery showed up on the Twilight Zone when "Little Girl Lost" was adapted for TV in 1962. I wonder if "doorways to another dimension" was a popular pulp-fiction theme at the time.

Jack Kirby art from the Fourth Dimension comic book scanned pages Alarming Tales first issue

As usual, CLICK on any one of these pages to see a large-size comic book page.

Jack Kirby draws Steve Ditkoesque alien landscapes the Fourth Dimension Alarming Tales issue#1  comic book scans

1950's cartoon girlfriend rescues her scientist boyfriend from the Fourth Dimension in comics by Jack Kirby

Whew! That was a close one!

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UPDATE #1: I just posted another story from this issue: The Last Enemy
...or you might just call it: Kirby Goes to the Dogs!

UPDATE #2: There's LOTS more comic book scans to look at and download! Click HERE

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Anonymous said...

These pages are fantastic, Sherm. So how did this work? It appears to be a rip-off of Matheson's story? LGL appeared in Amazing in '53.

Please post more stuff from this comic!

Sherm said...

Glad you liked, it, Martin! It was a total surprise to me. I'll be posting another story from this comic in very soon ^_^

Anonymous said...

more of that rare kirby stuff mate !
we need it

Sherm said...

Okay, kaplan...I've got another juicy Kirby story on the way in the next day or two! Thanks for stopping by! --Sherm

r8r said...

Like that cover image of the man in the flying chair... shades of Metron and the New Gods.

gavind0 said...

A lot like smoking Salvia Divinorum.The art looks a bit like Ditko's early Dr. Strange.When I first got into comics i didn't like Jack "square fingers" Kirby(too busy mooning over Barry Smith and Paul Gulacy etc.) now I can't get enough Kirby. Keep it coming!

Matt Maxwell said...

Unbelievably great. Thanks for posting these.