ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Comics: Kurtzman's Comic Books

Detail from High Resolution Hi-Res Scan from Harvey Kurtzman Pigtales Comic Book
ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Comics: Kurtzman's Comic Books

THANKS to Steve Worth and the ASIFA-Hollywood and to Kent Butterworth for these amazing Harvey Kurtzman high-resolution scans! Judging from the art in the Hey Look book, these are probably from 1947 when Kurtzman was just starting to burst into pure cartooning greatness. Cartoon art like this deserves to be looked at in hi-res! It's always a shame when someone takes the time to scan great lost treasures but neglects to set the scanner at a decent resolution. THANKS to Steve Worth and the ASIFA-Hollywood and to Kent Butterworth for these gifts!

PS...there are lots of great "Comic book reader" applications available on the web to make archiving and reading comic pages on your computer a more pleasant experience. I recommend "Comic Book Lover" for Mac, but there are many others if you google the term. It really helps you get more mileage out of these swell downloads.


Kent B said...

Hi, Sherm

I've been scanning my comics collection, simply because the darn things are crumbling into dust and I like looking at them. Gave copies to Steve at the Archive as a "backup" - if my backup drive goes south, the archive will still have the stuff.

Are there any other good sources for scanned comics?

Kent B

Sherm said...

Hi, Kent...nice to know you dropped by to visit! The only places I know of for scanned comics are one you're likely very familiar with...aside from the Asifa-Hollywood Archive, there are these two places on the web where I've found cool old comics scans:

Other that that I just try to fllow the links on peopple's blog rolls, etc.

I have had some success downloading old Jesse Marsh Tarzan comics through a torrent search. Lots of old Marvel comics from the sixties are available thru torrents. For those people that aren't familiar with torrent downloads, it requires a program like Azureus or BitTorrent and is far more convoluted than I have the ability to explain. I guess the best thing we all can do is share those links, and put the word out whenever somebody posts some freshly-scanned goodies!

katzenjammer studios said...

hey mr. cohn/sherm.

was there a book of his Hey Look work? I'm dying to get some pot shot pete stuff. I saw his originals in an Exhibit at the Hammer Museum(or moca? not sure) in LA a year or 2 ago and fell in love since.
but google searching hey look yields few results.
any idea where young artists can get some of this stuff?

thanks for posting this by the way.

Sherm said...

Heya Katzenjammer...yep...there was a book published in the early nineties that reprinted all the Hey Looks and the Pot Shot Petes as well as some other odds and ends. You can find a used copy on Amazon for around $, that is, Tomorrow, who knows? It's LITERALLY worth ten times that amount. PURE. CARTOON. GOLD. If I could only own three books, that would be one of them. Get it. Now.


katzenjammer studios said...

Thank you for the 411! I just placed my order right now! (softcover version)
I didn't know there was such a great collection of his work like this!
thanks again sherm/mr. cohen :)