Vintage “How to Draw Cartoons” Kids Menu by Hal Cooper

How to Draw Cartoon Faces Hal Cooper menu
Even though I try to cure myself of the collecting bug, there are still a few things that I just can't pass up. I love looking at old “how to draw cartoons” books. Some of my favorites are currently available online thanks to the scanning efforts of other collectors. For example, Tack’s Cartoon Tips for the Aspiring Cartoonist is fantastic.
Also check out this book on how to draw cartoons by George Carlson: Points on Cartooning and How to Draw Funny Pictures Points on Cartooning How to Draw Cartoons george Carlson

But here’s a  first: a restaurant kids menu that doubles as a cartooning course!  (This is the back)How to Draw Cartoon Faces Hal Cooper menu
Charlie Horse by Hal Cooper It was created by cartoonist Hal Cooper, whom I showcased a few weeks back in this post about his comic book creation, Charlie Horse.
The cartoon menu was for the Castilla Reataurant, circa 1940. The artwork on THIS rare bit of cartoon ephemera is quite elaborate, and hopefully kept many restless kids from causing too much trouble at the table.
How to Draw Cartoons menu Hal Cooper
If you want to get your hands on it, you better hurry -- it's only going to be on eBay for about another few hours!
Hal Cooper How to Draw Cartoons kids menu
Another odd bit I noticed -- some poor sap had to hand right entire kids menu on the inside of this thing!


Anonymous said...

These are great! I especially like the learning how to draw faces from household objects :)

cartoonmonkey said...

Ooh.. If I hadn't just bid on a bunch of vintage Dan DeCarlo stuff.. :-)

What is it about guys and collecting? My wife to be has no such bug.

Vx said...

I bought it :) (his niece)

gtm said...

I am happy to see this. I also found a film about his book "Art For Everyone" by Hal Cooper on YouTube. I worked with him in 1968-1970's. from Garnette Faircloth.
He drew a comic strip for Colony Cleaners called "Lord Colony". I inked it. He drew it in penciland I was his inker for his penciled drawings. He did the inking for the lettering and title and panels.