Man vs. Art – Listen to Me and Raul Yakkin’ about Storyboarding Cartoons and Comics

My second* podcast interview is for the wonderfully brooding and always entertaining Raul Aguirre Jr.’s Man Vs. Art.

Raul Aguirre Jr. has been in the animation biz since 1994, when he was hired as an animator on Disney’s Lion King feature. Since then he has animated on many other Disney features, and has worked on many TV series as storyboard artist and director.
We had a great talk about storyboarding – and I had a chance to spout off on all my favorite artists who have influenced my work!
Raul created a great page of show notes at:
…where you can also listen to or download the podcast. Let me know whatcha think!
*PS: for info on my first podcast interview, see:

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Amanda H. said...

I'm not going to try to leave a big-ass comment block but if I get a head of steam up, well, I'm sorry in advance :P
I try to make comics and I find that I get really frustrated and can't do it. I'll get really excited with an idea I have and try to draw it and then halfway through, I'm like "The poses are all wonky-looking." and I start questioning myself ("Should I bother making the panels perfect squares or rectangles? How big should I make them, anyway?") and I end up getting derailed and the comic ends up not getting drawn.

How do you think I should get rid of this irrational fear?