A Well-Drawn Funny Newspaper Comic? Really? YES!

Oh Brother bat Bob Weber Jr Jay Stephens
Believe it or not, there's some exciting news in the world of newspaper comic strips. Bob Weber Jr. (creator of the adorable Slylock Fox puzzle comic) and Jay Stephens (creator of The Secret Saturdays, Jet Cat, and The Land of Nod) have teamed up to create a new daily strip called "Oh Brother."
Oh Brother breakfast Bob Weber Jr Jay Stephens
Both Bob and Jay have drawing styles that are super appealing and capture the innocence and fun of being a kid. I'm totally psyched to see a cute, funny comic strip that's wonderfully well-drawn to boot!
 "Oh Brother" is scheduled to debut in newspapers on June 28... so keep an eye out on your local newspaper.

Oh Brother tooth fairy Bob Weber Jr Jay Stephens

The layouts are very most strips it looks like it could be split in half to run horizontally, but then I see others (see above) that are built like a comic book page: multiple-tiered, and really taking advantage of the unlimited layout possibilities that a comic could have. This is the best thing to hit the comics pages since Richard Thompson's Cul-de-Sac! I hope we get it in Los Angeles ^_^

Right now you can see a preview of the strips on Bob Weber's Facebook page. You need to be logged in to Facebook to make this work, but the link is

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cartoonmonkey said...

I've always secretly liked SlyLock Fox, and that crazy cartoon style of his..! Very nice, this looks like a winning combo!