How to Draw Cartoons the Old-Time Way! Instructional Cartooning Book from 1920's

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Take a look at this wonderful little book on cartooning techniques by cartoonist B. "Tack" Knight. Tack's Cartoon Tips for the Aspiring Professional!

In just twenty-nine pages he teaches aspiring professional artists how to draw cartoons the way they were done in the old-fashioned style of 1923!

Some of the pages are corny and not very useful today, but MOST of this book features rock-solid cartooning tips for learning how to draw in that old big-foot print cartoon style.

12 Mini Chapters on the Art of Cartooning:
  • How to draw HANDS (this page is a winner!)
  • Hats, Shoes, Wrinkles (as in clothes and drapery)
  • Lessons on drawing KIDS and ANIMALS
  • Drawing various cartoon facial Expressions
  • How to draw BACKGROUNDS
  • and even a bit on Cartoon Lettering
Warning: there's some very politically-incorrect caricature material in here. What people thought was funny back then just makes people mad today. Don't say I didn't warn you!

To read all these cartooning tips as a slideshow, (I think it's easiest to read it this way), click on:

Thanks to Dave Blog for sharing these scans on his Flickr page: Tack's Cartoon Tips for the Aspiring Professional!


kris.w said...

cool find! thanks for sharing Sherm!

jobi said...

It's a great find, I agree