My Latest DVD purchase…

Roger Ramjet DVD

Roger Ramjet – Hero of our Nation! I rented some of these cartoons about a year ago. Lots of fun! I remember being amazed at the pure appeal of the character designs, and the amazing economy of the animation. I mean…if anything moved, it happened OFF-SCREEN! And it worked ^_^

Hopefully the DVD will arrive soon, and I’ll report back with all the juicy details.

Tomorrow: some amazing cartooning advice from an unstoppable underground veteran


Mykal Banta said...

I got the same set about a month ago! You will not be disappointed. The writing is too funny and the animation, while economical, is very imaganative. -- Mykal

Will Finn said...

Doooolllll... I bought this set about five years ago to have on during a freelance marathon. Hadn't seen it in years but it is even better than i remembered, and I remembered it fondly.

Maybe the best of thing of it's kind ever. There are two single disc editions available that fill out the entire series with no repeats---if you like the set you have to get the rest.

Right around new year's i started re-watching them all, around a half hour or so a night. Sheer heaven.


Sherm said...

Hey Mykal and Will -- what a crazy coincidence! I guess cartoon-fried minds think alike. Will: I'm REALLY glad you told me about the other DVD sets...I thought they repeated what was in the 3-DVD set.

After hearing you guys gush, I'm even more eager to watch these cartoon classics ^_^

Unca Jeffy said...

Roger Ramjet is a classic. I bought the complete RR DVD that came out a few years ago and ate it up (it even came with a glider).

Jay Ward turned out some really great stuff!