Gorgeously Garish SF Pulp Covers

Planet Stories Spacesuit girl with raygun and bug-eyed monster SF Pulp Cover
One of my favorite blogs is “Golden Age Comic Book Stories,” which is actually much more of an illustration blog than comics…
Planet Stories Pit of Nympthons SF Pulp Cover
New on the blog are a TON of amazing, practically glow-in-the-dark pulp paintings from the covers of "Planet Stories," a classic golden-age science-fiction pulp magazine.
Planet Stories Blue Behemoth SF Pulp Cover
I think you’re gonna be blown away by the amazing gallery of classic fantasy/SF/adventure art. Poke around when you get there because there’s a huge cache of archives (over 600 posts) that can keep you busy for days!


David Martingale said...

Those are sweet! It's funny that yesteryear's garish actually looks kinda tasteful by today's standards.

Were the printing inks duller back then, or did even lowbrow artists have the good taste to mute their colors a bit?

cartoonmonkey said...

Man I love these.
Really, they're excellent cartoon paintings!

Sherm said...

The colors are unbelievable...when I look at old magazines I wonder why nobody seems to be able to print colors like that anymore. Even Marvel and DC comics coversfrom the late 60's look incredible!

Kevin Langley said...

The woman on the first cover was either lifted directly from that cover or copied really damn good and inserted in the liner notes of the Ultralounge CD Space Capades. Great post.

Unca Jeffy said...

One of my faves too. You could spend hours drinking in the art on most of the posts.

Sigh. So little time, so many great blogs.