Superkatt Comic Scans by Dan Gordon and Lots More Dan G. Comics Links!

Superkatt walking a tightrope power line
Classic Comics blogger "Pappy" has posted a Superkatt comic book scan by Dan Gordon. This story is from from Giggle Comics #54, June 1948. Click on the cover to read the whole 10-pager over at Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine.
Superkatt by dan gordon comic book scans
It (happily) blows my mind that they could get away with a cover like this… cartoon and comics were a lot more funny when cartoonists could draw what makes THEM laugh, and not worry about what a bunch of old ladies in the standards office are thinking.
C’mon --Getting electrocuted is FUNNY!
kids in school desks laughing
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scratch the cat by Dan Gordon
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