Basil Wolverton's Culture Corner scans

stomach pump jump method culture corner by Basil Wolverton

John Glenn Taylor from the wonderful Easily Mused blog has shared some of his collection of Basil Wolverton Culture Corner comic strips!
Croucher K Conk culture corner by Basil Wolverton 

a few out-of-context highlights...
man screams and jumps after sitting on a tack culture corner by Basil Wolverton
shoe in your face scram culture corner by Basil Wolverton
stomach pump culture corner by Basil Wolverton

I've enjoyed these comics in some of the Basil Wolverton reprint books in the past, but these Culture Corner scans (from Whiz comics) are even better 'cause we get to see them on that beautiful yellowed pulp paper and with their original comic-book coloring intact!

man with multiple hands and feet culture corner by Basil Wolverton

Take a look at all of the Culture Corner comic strips by clicking on the scan below!
 culture corner by Basil Wolverton
Hey John...Thanks!


Bob Flynn said...

Aren't these to die for? I friend of mine sent them to me a week or two ago. I'm only half familiar with his work, but always impressed by it. I may have to pick up that book.

John Glenn Taylor said...

Hey Sherm, you're welcome!!