MORE Dan Gordon Comics - Funny Films #1

Here are some amazing funny animal comics by Dan Gordon. These are from the ACG comic, Funny Films #1 from September, 1949.

ACG Comics images © Roger Broughton 2009

Funny Films comic book scan cover detail featuring cartoon dogs, horse, cat, owl and bunny rabbit

The opening story features Puss & Boots in a hilarious cat-vs-dog comedy that transcends the cliches of the genre because of the absolute unbridled mayhem and unapologetic violence-for-the-gag's-sake. You can practically hear all the great sound effects of hammers hitting heads! And most of all...LOOK at those DRAWINGS!

angry cartoon dog chasing mischievous comic book cat
cartoon dog drawing by animator  and cartoonist Dan Gordon
comic book scan detail of Puss the orange cat calling out to Boots - Drawing by Dan Gordon

In the second story, meet Blunderbunny...a rabbit inventor whose creations always go wrong...

detail of vintage comic book scan funny animal comics Funny Films presents Blunderbunny
Cartoon drawing of a pig crashing his motorcycle into robot made by Blunderbunny

Another Puss & Boots burlesque follows, and it's one of my favorites!

cartoon dog pulls on springs and rips part of the wall away in detail from Funny Films comic book scan
cartoon cross-dressing cat propositions comic book dog with a big eye-bulging take

...and one more Blunderbunny story wraps up the issue!

Blunderbunny rabbit and cartoon critter fall through the floor and get thrown out of the house

ACG Comics images © Roger Broughton 2009
Cover scan from ACG comics Funny Films issue number one drawn by cartoonist Dan Gordon
I have compiled all four Dan Gordon stories from this issue into one PDF file which you can download HERE.

I hope you like these as much as I do! I just bought Funny Films #'s 1 and 3 on eBay...
Let me know if you'd like to see more! I'll get the scanner warmed up. Have fun...

DOWNLOAD the Comic HERE (Click me)

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UPDATE: There's LOTS more comic book scans to look at and download! Click HERE

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Anonymous said...

I like Funny Films best of all the Dan Gordon stuff.

The covers were always very inventive takes on the "comics as animation" conceit.

You are a boon to humanity.

--Chris Duffy
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Anonymous said...

this animation picture is very nice....

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Anonymous said...

it is very funny......

Anonymous said...

very funny..


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