Toys! Tricks! Surprises! Galore - More Fun Than You've Ever Known

Toys Tricks Surprises Galore vintage mail order comic book novelty ad
Trick Baseball
Sure-Win Coins win friendly bets
 Surprise Package are you willing to take a chance
Shrunken Heads Fly in Ice Cube
Throw Your Voice Ventriloquism
Joy Buzzer vintage comic book novelty ad fifties Whoopie Cushion vintage comic book novelty ad fifties
Nickels to Dimes coin trick vintage comic book novelty ad
Silver Skull Ring 1950's comic book novelty ad 
 Automatic Firing BB Machine Gun 1950s comic book novelty advertisement
Jiu-Jitsu You too can be tough vintage comic book self-defense advertisement
Cosmo the Merry Martian - 1 of 6 - 35


dominique hennebaut said...

thanks for your nice comment on my blog,("welcome to dingoland")

dominique hennebaut

#167 Dad said...

Great stuff. I actually ordered the shrunken head and the fly in the ice cube back in the sixties.