Dan Gordon's "Cookie" Comics

 ACG Comics images © Roger Broughton 2009
Look at this amazing stuff! A week ago I didn't know this comic even EXISTED, and now it's one of my favorites! COOKIE by Dan Gordon was published by ACG in the mid 1940's...the same folks that brought us HA HA and GIGGLE comics, as well as Dan Gordon's Superkatt. This character must have been created in response to the incredible success of Archie, but look how LIVELY and ZESTY and totally JOYFULLY-DRAWN these strips are!

As usual, click on the thumbnail images below for the NICE BIG PICTURES!

I've also added links below to download the whole story at once! Let me know which options you like, okay?

ACG Comics images © Roger Broughton 2009

I fell in love with Dan Gordon's work a few years ago when I found his work on the covers of some old tattered back issues of Ha Ha Comics in a used bookstore in Dayton Ohio. But I had no idea who had done them because they are unsigned. Only after seeing a lot of his work recently in a stack of Giggle Comics and Cookie Comics did I realize that they were done by the same guy. I first heard the name "Dan Gordon" a few months back in an article by John K at his amazing blog. There were also some follow-up links that sprouted in the wake of that article. Follow the links below for more info and lots of scans of Dan's Superkatt series that he did for Giggle comics in the 1940's.

UPDATE: There are lots MORE Dan Gordon comics on this blog to look at and to download!
Take a look at these stories here:

COOKIE Comics FIRST Issue #1 by Dan Gordon
DOPEY DOGG by Dan Gordon from ACG Giggle Comics #8
MORE Dan Gordon Comics - Funny Films #1

ALL Dan Gordon stories in one place HERE

More info on Dan Gordon at these links...

all kinds of stuff: Dan Gordon and what makes a cartoonist

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Comics: Dan Gordon's Superkatt

Mucho thanks to Aussie500 who scanned these comics and posted them up at
...or, more specifically:

If you want to download a PDF file with ALL the Dan Gordon art from Cookie #20, click HERE

If you'd like to download the whole comic (non-Dan G. backup stories included) in .cbz format, click HERE:

--If you don't know how to view a .cbz file, it's easy. Read about it HERE.

There are 55 issues of the "Cookie" comic series posted at, (or more specifically: )along with hundreds (probably thousands) of other unusual golden age comic delicacies! ****************** Please NOTE that you have to register at BEFORE they let you download from their website. And THEN you gotta make sure to log in (I wish they made it a little easier...) They allow users to download 100 files per day or 2Gigs of bandwidth, whichever comes first. Sometimes when they say you've used up your bandwidth for the day, you have to wait until the next day to download again. But even then you might need to log out and log back in again. It's a little hinky, but now I'm in the habit of visiting once a day and grabbing what I like. I also get corrupted downloads when I use a download manager like iGetter and FlashGot. If you have any problems with corrupted downloads, just disable any download managers and try again.

Anyway, if I hear from some of you readers that you like these comics, I will post more, and keep posting them as long as there's interest!

Most of the Cookie issues are drawn by Dan Gordon, with other stories by the usual ACG crew. So ENJOY! And --please-- pass this post around so more people can enjoy the work of this fantastic cartoonist.

UPDATE: There's LOTS more comic book scans to look at and download! Click HERE


gabriel valles said...

Hi Sherm, I just discovered your blog. Holy cow! I love this Dan Gordon stuff. It has everything I love about cartoons. It reminds me why I got into this business in the first place. Thanks for posting it!

Thad said...

Dude, thanks for that link. I've downloaded most of the Cookie issues now. Much appreciated!!!


Ryan Khatam said...

dude this is fuckin rad thank you so much for posting it

katzenjammer studios said...

DAMN SHERM! nice find sir! this guy's stuff looks great. great resource of links. I downloaded one of the comics. that are fantastic in good resolution!


sdestefano said...

While I'm not a big Dan Gordon fan (of his comics work, anyway), I do admire the way he drew a boner onto that character's ass in the big beach splash!

Marc Crisafulli said...

>I do admire the way he drew a boner onto >that character's ass in the big beach splash!

And here I thought he was just being joyously CRAPULENT!

These pages are totally weird and really funny. I like 'em way more than Kelly's 'Our Gang' work or Gordon's funny animal stuff. Thanks for posting, Sherm!

Sherm said...

Hey, Gabriel, Thad, Ryan, Mike, Stephen and Marc... Thanks for the nice words!

When I found these goodies I knew I had to share 'em...I just didn't know if anyone would be there to read them. Thanks for letting me know that there's a bunch of good-'ol-comics-lovers out there that love these funky pages as much as I do. Stay tuned...I'm gonna keep em coming as long as you keep reading and commenting!

d.merrill said...

Wow, Cookie! I bought several of these comics for cheap a few years back, had never heard of the character or the artist, and like you I was impressed with the breezy, fun art and the entertaining stories. Thanks for the info and the links!

Julián Höek said...

hi Sherm! just wanted to say thanks for posting all this Dan Gordon pages!.I've never heard from him before and since i saw this pages here i became a fan. That beach cover is my favorite, i love that girl with the red lips!!
see ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherm,
Thanks for the cartoon series you have worked on (Ren and Stimpy, SpongeBob)! I have enjoyed them both immensely!!
FYI, Aussie did not scan all those Cookie comics, only posted them to zcult-uk. They were originally scanned by several of my fellow scanners and friends, who post to usenet (aka newsgroups). One of the principal scanners sent me your blog link.
You may be surprised to know that Cookie has been scanned in its entirety already!
If you are interested in seeing where the "true" source of these scans are, and get to know the acual scanners, let me know. We wouldn't mind seeing the entire c2c scan of Super Rabbit #3 (#1 and 7 are done) and Funny Films #3, either. :)