Batman Storyboards -- Nice examples of Action Boards by Mike Manley

Batman animated storyboard panels 01
Mike Manley has posted a series of action storyboards from the Batman: Animated TV show. I guess they been there a while, but I just saw them for the first time when I was poking around the various cartoon blogs looking for some drawing inspiration.
Batman animated storyboard pages
I love the simplicity of the drawings, and how easily they read at even the tiniest size. These storyboards are full of clear staging, with very nice use of angles and depth. Everything just reads like nuts!
Batman animated storyboard page
Since this Batman: Animated style is right in between cartoony and realistic, this series of storyboards, should be helpful to anybody who is interested in storyboarding.
Batman animated storyboard panels Joker 02
PS -- just a little side note -- if these pages seem a little hard to follow, it may be because some of them are posted out of order. It's not that big of a deal , because all of the pages are numbered. They are easier to read if you download them and view them in your own image viewing program.

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