Dwarfs ATTACK! Jack Kirby Nightmare Comics Get Even Weirder

army of misshapen dwarfs attacks a man in this nightmare comic panel drawn by Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby sure went wild when he got to play around with the topic of dreams and nightmares. Some of his freakiest work can be seen in the pages of The Strange World of Your Dreams.
Dwarfs attack man through bars of a cage
Dream analyst Richard Temple tackles the nightmares
of Walter W. in this weird two-pager from issue #2.
Dwarfs attack man in his nightmares
Dwarfs attack man in his dreams comics by Jack Kirby
"In this world of atom bombs,
we all seek the sunlit garden
of your dream."
Man! That Richard Temple is a freakin' POET!
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Unknown said...

Hey Uncle Sherm! Since you like these weird dream comics so much, have you ever thought of making some yourself?