Doodle plus Photoshop Equals Colorful Mess

SpongeBob Doodle color sketch Squidward Patrick Krabs SquarePants
Found this freaky doodle in a folder full of old SpongeBob scraps.
Thought it could use some color.
SpongeBob Doodle color sketch Squidward Patrick Krabs SquarePants


FrankenBarry said...

Great sketches, Sherm! Would love to see more of your production art from the shows you've worked on.

Sherm said...

Thanks FrankenBarry. I've been hesitant to post production art because studios can get kinda funny about that, but maybe it's time to start putting more of that stuff online. I sure have enough artwork sitting in plastic bins!

chrisallison said...

Great doodles, Sherm! I second the motion to see more of YOUR art, whether from productions or just you doodling!

Thanks so much for all the illustrator installments, and the new Willard Mullin! I've been too busy working on my own stuff to drop in everyday, but boy was it a treat to catch up!

Keep up the good work. You're doing a great educational and entertaining service to cartoonists everywhere!

Sherm said...

Hi Chris...thanks for the vote! I'm gonna go digging thru my stacks looking for more fun drawings to share.

I should have three Illustrator videos up in the next week. I want to balance it out with other comics and cartooning posts because I know not everybody cares about inking Illustrator.

Thanks again for all your input!!!

Julián Höek said...

hey sherm! cool sketches! love the way the color works with them, very funny!
the PEOPLE want more sherm's art! :)
see ya!

Julián Höek said...

hey, what happened to you hair?! lol

Sherm said...

Hi Julian...I just cracked open some old boxes of art in my garage, so more Sherm art will come as soon as I get to scanning it.

Oh, and...I had to update that picture. I like to keep the old bean clean, if you know what I mean.