She's Getting Fat! She's a Balloon! Jack Kirby Nightmare Comics

Another short dream comic by Jack Kirby from
The Strange World of Your Dreams issue #1
Blonde Kirby girl does gymnastics on a bicycle wearing a formal gown
In today's nightmare, a beautiful Kirby blonde dreams
of showing off to the crowd while wearing a formal gown...
freakish nightmare crowd laughing mocking pointing ridicule
The admiring crowd turns against her...
Girl in old-fashioned bathing suit steps off her bicycle and walks away in hatred from the mocking crowd
So she blows them off and walks away , but...
girl in blue dress pushed blondie into a mud puddle

...she gets pushed into the mud and turns...FAT? 
dreaming blonde woman has nightmare about turning fat

I don't want to spoil the freakish can read it yourself!
Click on the pages below to pop open up
a nice BIG King Kirby comic book scan:
BeautifulThin Blonde girl dreams of being mocked and ridiculed in this dream comic by Jack Kirby
Thin Blonde woman has nightmare of being fat in this dream comic by Jack Kirby
Dream investigator interprets nightmare by Jack Kirby

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