I Married a Man Without a Face!

wedding ring breaks in two Jack Kirby secret world of your dreams

A charming two-page nightmare from Jack Kirby's "The Secret World of Your Dreams" #2 --

Comic Book Dream Analyst Richard Temple tackles this curious case purportedly submitted by avid comic book reader Ellen K. of Massachusetts...

Secret World of Your Dreams bride marries a faceless groom

Click on the images for a nice BIG comic book scan

 Jack Kirby Secret World of your dreams man without a face chases bride

Take a good look at your heart, Ellen.
I think you'll find the answer to your dream hidden there!


p spector said...

Well, after two posts I'd interpret that Temple has a "Daddy Complex" and Kirby has a thing for blonds.

Sherm said...

Hi Paul -- There are many more Kirby blondes in the way in future installments. At first I thought it was the colorist's decision, but then I realized that Jack always inked in the hair for brunettes and redheads. Stay tuned for another mixed-up blonde in tomorrow's story ^_^