Picaresque Tales of Felix The Cat by Otto Messmer

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From Dell Four Color #77, published in 1945 – This issue collects a long string of 1938 Felix the Cat comic strip reprints from the genius pen of
Otto Messmer.
Messmer’s artwork from this period is so bouncy and alive…joyfully cartoony and all-out fun!
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Felix the Cat cartoon comic burglar robbing houseClick on any page for a BIG vintage comic book scanFelix the Cat cartoon comic catches a masked robber burglar Felix the Cat cartoon comic meets a rooster chicken Felix the Cat cartoon comic plays with a rooster chicken Felix the Cat cartoon comic has snowball fight with a rooster chicken Otto Messmer Felix the Cat cartoon comic meets a rooster chickenFelix the Cat cartoon comic runs with a rooster chicken

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Unca Jeffy said...

Man that Messmer was just a natural "cartoon"ist!

LOVE this stuff!

Robin Cain said...

THat is just plain wonderful. I have always loved Felix... a beautifully designed character. Just classic. Thanks again... Ilove reading your blog. A highlight of my day!

Sherm said...

Hi Jeff -- glad you like it...there's many more Felix pages on the way ^_^

Robin: Thanks for the very kind words! You just made MY day :)

Chuck Wells said...

Dang, Sherm!

I wouldn't mind seeing an entire issue done in black & red like the one up top.

That's just too pretty.