New “Culture Corner” book by Basil Wolverton!

Basil Wolverton Culture Corner book Fantagraphics
Culture Corner by Basil Wolverton – a beautiful hardcover collection of Basil Wolverton comics -- is coming soon! You can see in the video below that the book displays Basil Wolverton's rough drawings and the corresponding finished comic strips on
facing pages...fantastic!
More on Basil Wolverton and Culture Corner:
Basil Wolverton Culture Corner scans


Chris said...

WOW!!! It is really fantastic the treatment all of these classic comics are getting these days! This book looks as fantastic and lovingly designed as the Milt Gross book.

The inclusion of all the pencil pages is just too much to ask!!! AMAZING!!!

Unca Jeffy said...

Very exciting!

So many great books out now!

Duffs said...

that. looks. amazing.

:: smo :: said...

that looks great! i have a big book of wolverton art i got last year but i really like the setup of this with the roughs! really nice!