Felix the Cat and the Haunted Tower by Otto Messmer

Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 01Vintage funny animal comic book scans!

From Dell Comics Four Color #46,
here’s Felix the Cat and the Haunted Tower
by the great Otto Messmer
Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 03
Click on any page for a BIG comic book scanFelix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 04 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 05 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 06 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 07 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 08
     Is this the end of Felix?
Check back soon for the next thrilling chapter
of Felix the Cat and the Haunted Tower 
Chapter TWO
Inside front cover gag:
Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 02


Unca Jeffy said...

Otto Messmer was a true artist. Thanks forspotlighting his comic work.

Daniel [] said...

Beautiful. evocative work. (Too bad about those d_mn'd mushrooms, though.)

Rachel said...

How about some funny science cartoons?

There are many good ones on Vadlo search engine

Bob Flynn said...

That last comic in red is supreme. Might have to use that simple palette for something. Thanks for posting, Sherm!

Mykal Banta said...

Sherm: I've always been astounded with how much expression Messmer could get with so few lines. Just astonishing and very beautiful. Must find some. -- Mykal

Jay Watson said...

Mesmer's art is just so fanciful and fun! He's even got a littel E.C. Seegar mojo going in a few panels with some of his characters. How great to see a classic like this. I'm afraid today in the pc culture the panel with the African American guys (carrying the dresses for the wicked step Mother) and the Magic Midgets (the, ahem, Heightened Challenged spiritually atuned).. might be censored.
thanks for sharing Sherm!

Duffs said...

Great! A Felix comic book collection would be amazing, eh?