Milt Gross ANIMATION! Jitterbug Follies and "Wanted: No Master" MGM ANIMATED Cartoons

Jitterbug Follies (1939) Milt Gross
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In 1939, Milt Gross directed two animated shorts featuring Count Screwloose for MGM: Jitterbug Follies and Wanted: No Master.

I somehow missed these when they were first posted, but Kevin Langley posted Jitterbug Follies at where you can watch it nice and BIG.

...and here's the second and last film cartoon from Milt Gross...Wanted: No Master.

Still from Milt Gross MGM cartoon Wanted No Master

Thanks to Kevin Langley for sharing!

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David Martingale said...

I just watched these for the first time about a week ago. So good! The dinner scene in "wanted" kills me. Any idea why he never made more?

Joseph Candelaria said...

i didn't know that Milt Gross did shorts!, awesome animation and also very funny animation, the movement of JR was very good. Thanks for sharing.

Segun said...

Hi Sherm,
thanks for exposing these cool cartoons.
I like Milt Gross' animation style, it's fun and refreshing.
What a talented artist Milt is.

Will Finn said...

Oh bless you Sherm. I have a good copy of JITTERBUG FOLLIES but lost my old VHS of WANTED... years ago.

There's written record of some Gross silent shorts but who knows if they exists.

I think he directed one more for MGM, the color CAPTAIN'S CHRISTMAS, featuring the Katzenjammer Kids. Not his characters, but still his humor.

As for why Milt never made more shorts it seems that he was out-maneuvered by Joe Barbera in Barbera's political quest to be top dog at MGM. That was my reading of it from Barbera's own autobiography.

Will Finn said...

i always forget that there is one Columbia short Milt Gross at least wrote and maybe directed (?)... It's called HE CAN'T MAKE IT STICK, a Hitler spoof full of wild humor satirizing Adolph as a crazed wallpaper-hanger. The only copy i ever saw had no picture (only audio) for the first three minutes or so.