A Train Ride Thru Dinosaur Land...Primeval World and the Grand Canyon at Disneyland

The most unsung and critically neglected bit of awesomeness at Disneyland has got to be the train ride thru the Grand Canyon and...The Primeval World!!!

The first time I saw this magnificent recreation of the land of the dinosaurs, I was about five years old and still reeling from the staggering experiences of shrinking down to atom-size in Monsanto's Adventure thru Inner Space, the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Carribean. How in the world did they...?

The staging and the lighting in The Land of the Dinosaurs are so perfect! Every instant of this attraction is a thing of pure beauty. I especially love the way the foreground objects are in the shadows, and they silhouette so perfectly against the more colorfully-lit middlegrounds and backgrounds. Check out that awesome pterodactyl at around 1:24 !

Anyway, I was at Disneyland last weekend, and found myself with my little Flip video camera while I was on the Disneyland Railroad. So here it is in disappointing lo-res 2-D video...the amazing animatronic diarama that is... Primeval World!

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Scott O. said...

Ooooh...! Being the huge '64 World's Fair nut that I am, I always make it a point to try to swing around and see this! I'm not sure what happened to the cavemen from the fair... it would be awesome to eventually include them somehow...!

Very cool post!