Amazing Facts and Beyond

Amazing Facts and BEYOND
Amazing Facts...and BEYOND! is a wonderful weekly comic strip by some of my favorite cartoonists. Week in and week out, Kevin Huizenga, Ted May and Dan Zettwoch tell tall tales in the tradition of Ripley's Believe it or Not.
Amazing Facts and BEYOND comic strips
It's a very literate and funny spoof of Ripley's and other "did you KNOW?" strips, with a bit of conspiracy theory thrown in. 
History of the Heavy Metal Logo
The strip started in The St. Louis Riverfront Times, but is now available online at
You can jump in anywhere, but if you wanna see how it started, the first one is here:
introducing Leon Beyond


Bob Flynn said...

Represent, St. Louis! I know Dan Z. from Washington University, where I went to school. Great bunch of guys. St. Louis has a ton to offer in the way of comics talent. I actually didn't know about this blog though, so thanks for sharing.

Sherm said...

It's amazing how much GREAT material is out there that hardly anyone knows about.