Cute and Horrible! Over 8 Inches Long!

your own monster fly cute horrible scares everyone famous monsters ad
While flipping through a "stack" of scans of old Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines, I noticed that I was spending the most time ogling at the beautiful hand lettering, and staring at these freaky old mail-order ads at the back of the mags.
magic lantern throws huge image on wall famous monsters ad
It's not a projector. It's a Magnajector!
monster rings Werewolf Frankensein Vampire skull mummy famous monsters ad
39 cents postage? That's an 80% shipping charge!
mad doctor hypodermic needle famous monsters ad
Can you take it when you
plunge this needle into your victim's arms?
It's all good keen fun.
werewolf siren ring famous monsters ad
Okay...So does the ring sound like a police car,
or like the cry of the werewolf? Sheesh!
Venus Fly Trap Plant eats insects and meat famous monsters ad
who else wants a live monkey famous monsters ad
Who else wants a live monkey?

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