I Lived 200 Years Ago -- A Historical Nightmare Comic

I lived 200 years ago nightmare comics by Jack Kirby

This story from The Strange World of Your Dreams #2 has a nice historical twist.

I'm not sure who the artists are on this one, but I have a feeling that one of you eagle eyed comic book fans will be able to solve that mystery

Man is about to stab his partner in the back drawing by Jack Kirby

I just killed George comic book panel by Jack Kirby

What in the world is pajama boy talking about?
I guess we better start at the beginning...

SWOYDreams02 14 I lived 200 years ago

SWOYDreams02 15 man dreams of living in the past SWOYDreams02 16 businessman dreams of living in colonial times

SWOYDreams02 17 man talks about dreams with his wife as they get dressed SWOYDreams02 18 man talks about dreams with his wife as they move in to new house

SWOYDreams02 19 man has nightmare of being stabbed by his partner SWOYDreams02 20 partner has been embezzling company funds

I hope you'll come along for our next visit to
Kirby's Nightmare Adventure Land, when Walter W. says...

army of misshapen dwarfs attacks a man in this nightmare comic panel drawn by Jack Kirby


Unknown said...

The last and the third to last pages are too small to read, I want to know what happened!

Sherm said...

Hi Niki...I got those large pages linked up again - Thank you SO much for letting me know! I hope you like the ending ^_^

Unknown said...

Yes it was! I neglected reading the last page to wait for that ending! Do you know if it was commissioned for a letter sent in like the other ones?