Captain Tootsie Comic Book Ads by Captain Marvel's C.C.Beck

Captain Tootsie by C.C. Beck
Ger Appledorn from Those Fabuleous Fifties just posted a whole slew of "Captain Tootsie" comic book scans. These were Tootsie Roll advertisements in comic book format from the pen of C.C. Beck and the same crew that brought us the classic Captain Marvel comics from Fawcett in the 1940's and 50's.
 Captain Tootsie Battles Monster Man
They're like those Hostess Twinkies and Fruit Pie ads from the seventies, but with their own original super-hero.
Go check 'em out --
they're chock-full of cartoony goodness!
Captain Tootsie secret sign by C.C. Beck


Louise Smythe said...

thanks for posting the demo on wrinkles! that's something i need to work on - clothing on a figure is tricky. great blog, btw.

Pile Girl said...

I'll have to remember that secret signal in case I'm ever in trouble.
Like from high blood sugar from eating Tootsie Pops.