Krazy Kat - Beautiful Stop-Motion Animated Short Lovingly Recreates Herriman's Eternal Triangle

I have never watched any of the old Krazy Kat animated cartoons from the 20's 30's or 60's because I never wanted to corrupt the pure image in my brain of one of the greatest comic strips in the history of ink.

But THIS little animated tribute to George Herriman's
eternal triangle (below) finally got me to press "play."

According to Cartoon Brew, this Krazy Kat kartoon was directed by Derek Mogford in 1996. I couldn't find any more info on this beautiful re-creation of Coconino County (with its constantly-changing backgrounds and never-changing characters), so if anyone out there can shed some light, please leave a comment. Otherwise, just press play and enjoy!
P.S. -- Here's a link to some high-resolution scans of
one of George Herriman's less-celebrated comic strips,
Stumble Inn .

George Herriman's Stumble Inn


Pan Historia said...

I love the visual on this piece, thanks for posting (big KK fan of old here) but not so sure about the voice over - it doesn't quite hit the spot for me.

Sherm said...

Hey there, Pan -- I'm not exactly "krazy" about the voice-over myself, but I think I prefer that over giving each character their own distinctive voices. It sure is a lot of fun to watch, though.

Bob Flynn said...

I caught this on the Brew. I think they did an amazing job with does he look like a little devil :)

Unknown said...

This video reminds me of a Star Trek episode in which a fireplace is perfectly replicated except for one detail: it emitted no heat - it was just a "warmthless" visual copy. It just doesn't have the spirit that made Krazy Kat that delightful comic strip that is so charming.