No Lessons! No Talent! ANYONE Can Draw With This Amazing New Invention!

Draw the first day no lessons no talent
anyone can draw with this amazing new invention

"Yes, anyone from 5 to 80 can draw or sketch or paint anything now...the very first time you use the "Magic Art Reproducer" like a professional artist -- no matter how "hopeless" you think you are."

(Don't sweat the small can click on the full page at the bottom of the post to open up a BIG high-resolution page so you can see it all.)

free simple secrets of art tricks of the trade

"Have fun! Be popular!
Everyone will ask you to draw them.
You'll be in demand!"

also excellent for any other type of drawing

"After a short time you may find that you can draw well without the "Magic Art Reproducer" because you have developed a "knack" and feeling artists have -- which may lead to a good-paying art career."

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to a see the whole ad in hi-res detail!
Correspondence school for Drawing collage

There are a LOT of different variations on this "how to draw" ad at Lou Brooks' website at

Learn tyo Draw at home in your spare time Be An Artist Girl posing in bathing suit

 Cartoon For Money Learn from experts how easy it is to make big money at home with easy to draw cartoons


Bob Flynn said...

This is great---maybe even better than all those muscle-building comics ads to impress the ladies at the beach.

I love the "No Talent" bit.

Define, "draw" for me.

Sherm said...

Yeah, was the bragging bravado in the headline that made me laugh. No Lessons! No Talent! ^_^

Togotooner said...

Holy Carp! So this was the secret all along! I just ordered mine today! Thanks for the tip Sherm.

Boy,...imagine how jealous my wife will be when the woman start crawling all over me! YES!!

No more will my lack of talent hold me back!!

Sherm said...

Hey Todd--- if you liked this one, wait till you see the next crazy comic book ad I'll be posting in about a week from now!

The Old Wolf said...

I had one of these. I was bitterly disappointed in how it worked, although I think the concept is sound. The illustrations make you think it's a mini-projector, but you actually have to peer down into the hole in the top, and then one eye sees your subject via an angled mirror, and the other eye sees the paper. The illusion is that you're getting the image projected onto the paper. As a kid, I couldn't make it work the way I wanted to. But yeah, I had one.