Aren't these just the cutest drawings?

Never Pat a bear golden book art by seiden

This is from a Little Golden Book called "Never Pat a Bear - A Book About Signs" with illustrations by Art Seiden. It was published in 1971 and the whole thing has been scanned and featured on the wonderful blog, Golden Gems.

cover art from Never Pat a bear - a book about signs Little Golden Book illustrated by Art Seiden

Like the drawings of PD Eastman, these pictures just make me smile.

watermelons to fit all pockets

Since it's "a book about signs," there's a lot of really fun hand lettering all through the book...

Freeze your teeth lettering by Art Seiden

we dust our pies off daily lettering by Art Seiden

There are about a kajillion more illustrated treats like this at the Golden Gems blog. For example, there's this book (also illustrated by Art Seiden) called, "The Spotted Dotted Puppy."

The Spotted Dotted Puppy little golden book art by seiden

Align CenterTake a fun ride over there at:

Golden Gems blog Little golden book scans


or there's also Golden Gems on Flickr at:

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deniseletter said...

Many Thanks,They're cute indeed!!!I put a link to you and them on my blog too

Unknown said...

That really is adorable! "Watermelons to fit all pockets", I love that!