Funny Comics Scans: Lil' Sigmund by Lou Trakis 1947

This comic book story by Lou Trakis appeared as filler pages in Katzenjammer Kids issue #20 published by Standard Comics in the Spring of 1952.

I don't know anything about the artist, but he sure knew how to draw comics with a carefree, breezy look!

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I just really enjoy the loosey-goosey, bouncy-silly look of these drawings. After scanning through hundreds of pages of old comics, these just jumped right out at me.

The artist is obviously very skilled, but he's not slick in the slightest. That's a good thing.

I love the goofy faces with the wonky expressions. The faces of all the characters looks the same, but he makes up for it by giving each one a very distinctive costume and hat. Very a Bazooka Joe comic.

No "art" here, no subtle characterization.

Nothing new or groundbreaking.

But it made me smile. I hope it made you smile, too.

UPDATE: There's LOTS more comic book scans
to look at and download! Click HERE

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Anonymous said...

I am Lou Trakis, I'm a professor emeritus at Manhatanville College, Purchase, NY... and have had an extensive career in the fine arts and teaching. I'm known now for my sculpture, and I've continued to draw cartoons mostly just for fun (about the foibles of my friends on this mortal coil of ours). You can email me at It was a surprise to come across your comments.. keep dreaming with your eyes open. --Lou

hanna said...
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