Comics McCormick vs. Octopus Man! Episode 4

Here's the fourth and final installment of the adventures of Comics McCormick from the final issue of Fat & Slat.

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For you Ed Wheelan fans, I promise to post some more goodies soon! Stay tuned!

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine has a terrific Ed wheelan Minute Movies story!
Take a look at:

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Chris Duffy said...

Great stuff, Shermie.

What's "funny" is that. as a kid, I had a rubber octopus toy that had a hole under the "head" just big enough to put on top of the Mego Marvel action figures. So I decided the octopus was an alien that could possess the superheroes if it jammed their heads up its hole...the result was a lot like the octopus dude here.