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I recently found these strips inside a scan of The May 1947 of EC Comics' "Fat and Slat." These were "Pre-Trend" ECs, before William Gaines inherited the company from his father. These stories are a real treat for Golden Age Comics fans!! Enjoy!

Oh, sure to CLICK on the pictures to see a nice BIG FAT JUICY high-resolution image!

be sure to CLICK on the pictures to see a nice BIG FAT JUICY high-resolution image!

For more info on cartoonist Ed Wheelan, check out:

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine has a terrific Ed wheelan Minute Movies story!
Take a look at:

MORE Comics McCormick stories from Fat& Slat Comics:
Comics McCormick Episode #2
Comics McCormick Episode #3

UPDATE: There's LOTS more comic book scans to look at and download! Click HERE


Chris Duffy said...

I tried twice to leave no avail. This time for sure!

The comic is great. I'm a big Ed Wheelan fan. So straightforward, charming, and fun.

Weren't there other comic characters whose "gimmick" was that they loved comic books? I think there was one called "supersnipe" who was "the boy with the most comic books in the world."

Probably a "hip" commentary on their times, seeing as comics were only 7 years old as a phenomenon when this comic was made. (The internet is older today than comic books were at the time this comic was drawn.)

Is there a Sherm blog where you put Sherm drawings? I'd love to see it! BEcause I demanded it!

best wishes,


Sherm said...

I had never heard of Ed Wheelan before I saw these I did a little searching and added a link to the post:

sdestefano said...

Total grooviosity, Sherm. While I've been a big Ed Wheelan fan for quite some time, I've never seen this story. Many thanks for posting it--
take care,

Sherm said...

Wow! Great to hear from you, Stephen! I haven't talked to you since The Ren & Stimpy Show days! Anyway, I just posted the second Comics McCormick story from Fat & Slat #2. I'm so glad that people have been posting oddball little comic-book treasures on their blogs, so I just decided to join in the fun!

Talk to you soon...