Storyboards from Where the Wild Things Are

Storyboards from Where The Wild Things Are

I just came across some storyboard art from Where The Wild Things Are at

Storyboard art from Where The Wild Things Are

I haven't seen the movie, but what I really liked about this article was the interview with Storyboard Artist Federico D’Alessandro. He talks about the creative process of drawing storyboards while on the set of the movie, and about his creative interactions with the director Spike Jonze.

Storyboard Artist Federico D’Alessandro is a very accomplished feature film board artist...his credits include I Am Legend and Chronicles of Narnia, and he is working on Marvel's THOR movie as well. His website has storyboard examples from many different films:

Storyboards action car chase sequence

D’Alessandro ends the interview with some good advice on what it takes to get a job as a storyboard artist -- as you would expect, there's no magic formula, but at least he's candid and realistic about the job prospects.


Unknown said...

nice post, thanks for the storyboards

Mykal Banta said...

Sherm: You're on top of the cool stuff, as always. Great Post and thanks. Judging by the storyboards, I see they have taken some liberties with the original story; although Sendak certainly doesn't seem to mind! -- Mykal

Anonymous said...

You always post the best stuff, Sherm.