Sketches from Danger Planet!

Danger Planet Deer head alien
Have you seen the Danger Planet pilot yet? Somebody managed to leak the Cartoon Network pilot out of development limbo and onto YouTube:

Well, there’s a lot more cool cartooning goodies where that came from. Show creator Derek Drymon is sharing a pile of concept art on his new Danger Planet Blog
Danger Planet cartoon Robot lift sketch by Derek Drymon
Here’s one of the delicious background paintings from the show…reminiscent of the semi-abstract science fiction paperback paintings by Richard Powers. These were painted by master designer Nick Jennings!
Danger Planet background painting by Nick Jennings
Lots of funky character designs by Craig McCracken, Thaddeus Couldron and of course Derek Drymon!
Captain character design sketch by Craig McCracken from Danger Planet
This stuff is only a tiny sample of the cartoon bounty over at Derek’s new Danger Planet Blog…go on over and take a look, and then call up Cartoon Network and tell ‘em we want more Danger Planet!


Bob Flynn said...

Wow, I haven't heard about this. As you might expect, I really like the design and animation of the alien creature. And the backgrounds are very retro sci-fi. Is this one of those Cartonn Network "Cartoonstitute" experiments (recently killed), or a pilot with legs?

Sherm said...

Hi Bob...apparently Danger Planet is a part of Cartoonstitute
but maybe if it gets anough heat on YouTube they will reconsider...

chrisallison said...

WOWOWOWOW! that shapeshifting alien is AWESOME. such a great concept, and really glad to see super solid drawings on a character. Really solid and appealing, and it moves wonderfully! Thanks for sharing, Sherm!

Sherm said...

@Chris---yeah, isn't that deer-alien the creepiest thing ever? Chalk it up to the fevered brains of Drymon and Ted Couldron!

Unknown said...

I saw it this past weekend. I enjoyed it a lot more than most stuff I've seen