Meet Wiggles the WonderWorm – Golden Age Funny Animal Comic Book Scans

WonderWorm by L.B. Cole Cartoon Superhero worm Taffy Comics #1 Cover

Obscure Funny Animal Comics Department: Meet Wiggles the Wonderworm from L.B. Cole’s 1945 Taffy Comics…Published by Rural Home/Orbit Publications.

Cartoon superhero worm battles Hitler Spider Wiggles the WonderWorm
Wartime comics often had superheroes battling the Axis powers, but I’ve never seen anything like this image of Wonderworm fighting a Hitler-Spider!

 Wiggles the WonderWorm Taffy Comics 3

 Wiggles the WonderWorm Taffy_4

 cartoon worm fights thugs over comic book cityscape Wiggles the WonderWorm ToyTown 3

Over the next few days I will be posting every chapter from the epic adventures of WonderWorm from Taffy Comics #1 March 1945

Aside from the actual comic book scans, the only other information I’ve found on Wiggles the Wonderworm is at:

Don Markstein’s Toonopedia

and at


JoJo said...

Can't wait! I've only seen a few of these comics before. The characters have an unusual texture, as if they're made of porcelain. I also like it how Wiggles has nubs sometimes instead of feet.

David Martingale said...

Trippy! Reminds me of Rick Griffin.

John Read said...

Thank you, Sherm, for your wonderful blog. Every time I visit it cheers me. (And lately I've needed some cheering up.) Did you get the latest issue of STAY TOONED! Magazine?

Sherm said...

Hey there JoJo and David...glad you're on board...wait till you see the stories themselves...freaky-good stuff!

Sherm said...

JOHN! Hey, man...thanks for the very nice words. yessir---I DID receive the Latest issue, and I wanted to drop you a note before. Great great issue...packed with SO much fantastic stuff. The interview with Duck Edwing is may favorite so far. I love finding out about the lives of the "utility men", the workhorses that keep making comics for decades even without the fame and accolades. Stay Tooned keeps getting better and better!

Mykal Banta said...

Sherm: Wow, what a wonderful post! I must admit, I had not heard of Wiggles the Wonder Worm! Thanks for the education (this kind of revelation is why I value this blog so highly!).

I cannot wait for stories featuring Wiggles. I'll be waiting ;-). -- Mykal