Monster Mail Order – Gee-Gaws, Masks and Magic Trick Ads

Screaming Skull
Cheap-o Advertisements from
Famous Monsters of Filmland #2 
Famous Monsters of Filmland #2 - Page 55
Crazy Dagger
“Walk into a room wearing this ‘dagger’
and people will faint!” 
Famous Monsters of Filmland #2 - Page 56
More cheeseball fun at:
your own monster fly cute horrible scares everyone famous monsters ad


Anonymous said...

Thanks for unintentionally reminding me about Halloween next month, Sherm. I really like the lettering and drawings on these pages. Even the writing can get a bit startling at times. I wonder if the company that makes this stuff still exists.

Bob Lizarraga said...

I was hypnotized by these as a kid-- thanks for posting!!!

Togotooner said...

I want THAT fly!!! Really, I do!

Why didn't they list their web address at the bottom of the ad? (smirk)