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Felix_Rainbow-endpaper-otto-messmer Have you ever seen a more beautiful drawing?
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A few weeks ago, the wonderful new book, "Felix: The Great Comic Book Tails" was released, and I posted a great Felix comic by Otto Messmer, “Felix in Public Elations,” to honor the occasion.That one was from 1953’s Felix the Cat #48
But today, thanks to Craig Yoe,
I get to share a full 16-page story
(and my personal favorite!) from the new book.
This one’s called, “Felix Pulls Through” Magic Carpet Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_01Long before his “Bag of Tricks,”  Felix had a magic carpet that transported his to adventures across the world, across space and time, and over the boundaries of fantasy and wild imagination! Magic Carpet Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_02-03 Magic Carpet volcano Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_04-05
These vintage comic stories read like breakneck-paced fever dreams of a master cartoonist cutting loose and having fun! soldiers Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_06-07 cannonball Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_08-09 airplanes Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_10-11 Horse and Tank Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_12-13 Cartoon King Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_14-15
Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_16 I love that Otto Messmer was totally unconcerned with continuity or plot or story-arcs or anything else that stand in the way of his brand of pure cartoon joy.
FANTASTIC FELIX FRIDAY ~ TO-LEFTThis post is just one of many across the comics-blogosphere celebrating the release of the new Felix the Cat book!

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Mykal Banta said...

Sherm: Great post for a great book. Thanks very much!

Daniel [] said...

The final thumbnail of that story isn't linked to a larger image.

Sherm said...

Mykal...thank YOU!

Daniel: Thanks, I fixed the last image ^_^

ketepo said...

felix friday fiesta is fabulous!thanks for sharing

o f l o d a said...

Great post! Thanks Sherm. ^ - ^