Vintage Hanna Barbera Art Collection on Flickr

There are some amazingly gorgeous cartoon images on display on slappy427's Flickr page. Classic painted comic book covers, model sheets, ViewMaster 3-D images (see above), production drawings and promotional art from Hanna Barbera.

There's a lot of oddball H-B stuff that you may not have seen before...

This is only a tiny fraction of the cartoony delights
waiting for you over on slappy427's Flickr page.
UPDATE: Here are a bunch of Hanna-Barbera Flickr
all in one group:


Bob Flynn said...

Thanks for posting, Sherm! I really like the yellow Flintstones spread. The takes on the characters are so fun.

Togotooner said...

Everytime I come back to your site Sherm,...I get RE-INSPIRED to draw again! I need to just STAY here 24/7!!! Great stuff! Thanks for the inspiration!!!! Keep it coming!

Sherm said...

Hi Bob...I love that yellow spread much fun!

Hi Todd -- I'm glad you got inspired~! Just wanna let you know that comments like yours are what keeps ME inspired to keep posting. Happy New Year, pal.