Lucky Duck Comics by Irv Spector

Lucky Duck in “Safe But Not Sane” by golden age comic book artist and storyboard artist Irv Spector. I just love his loose and lively brush work on these classic funny-animal comics!
Lucky Duck Irv Spector comic book scans 01Lucky Duck Irv Spector comic book scans 02Lucky Duck Irv Spector comic book scans 03
Much more about Irv Spector and his life and art by his son Paul Spector here:
Farmers Daughter comic book Irv Spector Cover
Don’t miss this eye-popping story from Irv Spector’s “The Farmers Daughter” comic book, “The One About The Traveling Salesman”:
Farmers Daughter and Traveling Salesman comic book Irv Spector
Read more of Irv Spector’s Lucky Duck comics over at Pappy’s blog here: and here:
And here are some photos of Irv Spector at the Mintz studios:

More Lucky Duck comics here:

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