Jerry the Jitterbug gets the Cold Shoulder – by Henry Boltinoff

Adventures of Bob Hope #46 - Page 31
Adventures of Bob Hope #46 - Page 32The story and gag ain’t much, but those drawings are sweet!
Story and art by Henry Boltinoff


Kyle Baker said...

If I don't draw at least 1 silhouette on a comic page, I feel I'm fucking up. I don't know why animators don't employ them more. They're always a great design element, and of course they save time! Let's all start putting more silhouettes in our storyboards!

Todd Dolce' said...
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Todd Dolce' said...

A microscope of my life there! HA!
I agree with Kyle,...silhouettes are such a nice break in a comic and yet are still really fun to look at!