Waffles and Don in The Haunted Ship - Super-Fun Old-School Cartoon Joyfulness-osity

This cartoon is so much fun! It's worth enduring the crappy video quality. If you want to see this and a ton of other cartoons like it (but with OUTSTANDING video quality), take a look at the upper left sidebar on this page for more info about the fantastic new DVD set: The Complete Van Beuren Tom and Jerry. Waffles and Don cartoons are on the bonus features.

If these don't make you feel like singing and bopping around, I don't know what will!


:: smo :: said...


these are some of my favorite cartoons too, van beuren is awesome!

i wish people still made cartoons like that [in new york] so i could work on them! said...

i like funny cartoon..
nice blog pall.
there much that i can learn from this blog. tx

Daniel [] said...

Interesting how often cartoons of that era use skeletons or extended episode under-water with breathing apparatus. (Here, of course, it's both.)

Sherm said...

@ oeconomist -- I was thinking the same thing about the skeletons...they're EVERYWHERE in these early sound cartoons. Considering how hard they are to draw, it's surprising to see them animated so often. But I love watching those skeletons!