Ponytail Part 4 –The Rest of Issue #6, 1962

This is the fourth in a series of Ponytail comics scans form 1962. For the first three posts on Lee Holley and his teen comic, just click on the links below:

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Take a look at some of these links for more insight into the career of cartoonist Lee Holley:

There’s a lot of great information about Lee Holley on the web – including this VERY in-depth interview:
Robotman is coming!!!
Robbie the Robot Dog and Robotman - Comic Book Scans art by Jimmy Thompson
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for an extraordinary series of guest posts about
Jimmy Thompson:
Golden Age Comics' Best-Kept Secret


Mike Nassar said...

sweet. just bookmarked for later consumptions. this stuff looks really appealing. thanks for sharing Sherm. can't wait to read some of this stuff later.

Mike Nassar said...

damn, just read the interview. so awesome. cool glimpse of the period, and couple great insights. inspirational stuff. guess we better keep drawing.