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Laughter for the millions how to make funny gags

"Be popular in any company, anywhere! Laughter for the Millions will make you the life of the party. It's chockful of the funniest, gayest, zippiest jokes and cartoons you can imagine."
how to make funny gags display type 
Funny Gags how to make funny gags display type

"144 hilarious stemwinder cartoons that make you forget you ever had any troubles."
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"Don't confuse 'Laughter for the Millions' with a mere 'joke book.' It's the whole topsy-turvy funny world of laughs and comedy crammed between two covers."
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"Thousands upon thousands of rib-ticklers, jokes, jive, and zippy gags that will make you and your friends shout with laughter."
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"All are daring and witty...yet proper enough for any crowd."
 Laughter for the millions is a barrel of fun
"Now, for the first time, all the guess is taken out of creating gags and jokes. HOW TO MAKE FUNNY GAGS shows you how to spot a funny situation and how to make your own gags and jokes."

Witty #2 - Page 50 How to Make funny Gags
how to make funny gags  special DE LUXE edition

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