King Aroo - Mr. Elephant and Yuptop Make Some Magic - July 20th 1952

This is one of my favorite King Aroo strips so far...Yuptop gets dressed up and takes center stage, we got magic, and we get to have some fun with Mr. Elephant, too. Every panel has got that little special something that makes this strip a worthy companion to the gentle lyrical humor of Pogo and Krazy Kat.

It's also fun to watch Yuptop got though all his emotions without even having a mouth!

Click on any panel to view a nice BIG hi-res scan
King Aroo Cartoon elephant approaches Yuptop in wizard outfit
King_Aroo cartoon magician reading from magic book while comic elephant looks into magic top hat
King Aroo - Mr. Elephant gets all excited about learning magic tricks
King Aroo Yuptop hand cartoon elephant a page from the magic book
King Aroo listens as cartoon elephant reads the magical spell from a paper
King Aroo POOF! Mr. Elephant disappears by magic as a cartoon rabbit pops out of Yuptop's magic hat

Click on the thumbnail below to see the full color King Aroo Sunday comic strip from March 30th 1952 in high-resolution splendor!

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david said...

wow these are really cool! nice designs

Bob Flynn said...

Fun strip. I definitely hadn't heard of King Aroo until I saw it here. Very familiar with Krazy Kat and Pogo. Definitely a close cousin.

kris.w said...

haha!! the rabbit at the end is a nice little period to the strip. very cute.

now, i notice he seems to defy the laws of solid staging. it's like he draws each panel on separate days and forgot who was standing where. if these were boards to be animated and we watched the outcome, our heads would explode! is there a reason he broke his continuity so much? was it some master trick i'm not aware of that actually makes his decisions better than the way i would have set up these shots?

chrisallison said...

Another gem. Thanks Sherm!