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...and now as a remedy to the horrible funny animal comics I posted yesterday, I'd like to share a link to a really cute Funny Animal comic book story by Sheldon Mayer.

From Kevin Langley's Cartoons, Model Sheets & Stuff, here's Dizzy Dog!

Cartoon rabbit flies through the air whoile drying his dishes in this comic drawing by Shelly Mayer
I love this hapless rabbit flying by while still drying his dishes.


Dizzy Dog freaks out when he hears that Bully Bear is back in town
It's a fun story with a simple set-up...but it's the joyful drawing and storytelling by Shelly Mayer that makes reading this story feel like a cool breeze on a summer day.


Bully Bear goes face-to-face with Dizzy Dog in this funny animal comic book story by Sheldon Mayer 
Go take a look at Dizzy Dog!


...and there's a nice overview of Shelly Mayer's life and work at Thad's Blog.
 Sheldon Mayer life and work
There are a lot of links to more comic scans and other Shelly Mayer goodies to browse thru.Go take a look!

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