Revengeance -- New Full-Length Hand-Drawn Animated Feature by Jim Lujan and Bill Plympton

Jim Lujan's cartoons are mesmerizing, funny, funky and always created with his singular unique view of the world. Always an inspiration and just dang fun to watch! Up till now, Jim has been single-handedly creating animated shorts: writing, directing, and animating all by himself -- even the voices and music in most cases.

In the last year or so he's teamed up with indy animation legend Bill Plympton to create a full-length animated feature called REVENGEANCE. Jim's made his dreams come true through his blazing creativity,  his unbelievable productivity and perseverence. This guy proves that you don't need to wait for somebody else to give you the can push through and create your own breaks!

I can't wait to see what Jim Lujan and Bill Plympton cook up together on such a big canvas as this full-length animated feature. So I gladly backed this project on Kickstarter -- I think this film is going to wreak Revengeance on the entire animation world. Go Jim!!!


BobBlick said...

I just found your site and since my blog features many of the forgotten comics and cartoons, I bookmarked this to visit often. The instructions on drawing cartoons are priceless.

Sherm said...

Thanks B.D. -- your kind words give me fuel to press on!